Grooming in a Garden
Skilled and experienced dog grooming in the heart of Brandon.
Master Groomer / Certified Trainer

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Please note that Judy is retiring, and is winding down her schedule.
We are not accepting any new customers or appointments. 
A big "Thank You" to all our customers over the years. 

Judy Lambert’s 30 years in the pet grooming industry will ensure a stress-free and positive
 experience for your dog, and the results you have always wanted. 

Consultation and evaluation. We specialize in AKC breed cuts as well as creative styling for mixed breeds. Our decades of experience will help us to determine which style which will best suit your dog. All grooms can be customized to your life-style and preferences.

Bathing and Conditioning
We use the finest products available, with a choice of specialty shampoos, including: Premium, Oatmeal, Almond, Whitening and Medicated. All baths include ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and nail trimming.

Full grooms
This includes Bathing and Conditioning, as well as precision scissoring, intricate clipping, and your choice of the style which best suits your dog.

Skilled maintenance for long silky coats. Keep your Yorkie, Maltese, Lhasa or shih tzu looking its best with regular grooming. Special pricing for weekly bathing and brushing.

First grooms for puppies form their attitudes for a lifetime. We will take the time and care to make your baby’s first haircut a stress-free and positive experience.
$10 off all first puppy grooms because WE LOVE PUPPIES!

Full records
We keep detailed notes of every groom, which allows us to repeat and refine the look you want.

Servicing Brandon and the nearby communities of Valrico, Seffner, Riverview, Clairmel, Mango, Dover, Fishhawk and Plant City.
Scheduled appointments and close proximity to Westfield Mall allows for convenient shopping while your pup is pampered.
Some of our customers come from as far away as Treasure Island, Lakeland, and Venice to experience our exceptional service and attention to detail.

Prices quoted are all-inclusive, except for matting. A matted dog requires much more time and effort than a dog that is well maintained. There will be an extra charge for de-matting. We do check for mats, and will brush out a moderate amount of matting. However, if matting is so severe that a brush-out will stress the dog unfairly, we can only offer cut downs. We do not use mat strippers or other harsh methods.
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